Cutting Google out of your life (2019) (Updated: Feb 2020)

I don’t have anything to hide, but I don’t have anything to show you either.


  1. Contributing
  2. Browser extensions
  3. Replacements/alternatives
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Web-based products
    3. Operating systems
    4. Desktop applications
    5. Mobile applications
    6. Hardware
  4. Useful links, tools, and advice
  5. The lighter side
  6. Closing remarks


If you want to help out with the project, here are some ideas (submit Issues & Pull Requests on the GitHub page):

Want to help out in another way?

Browser extensions

These Firefox extensions can help prevent connections to Google domains and also improve your privacy/security online.



  1. Only privacy/security focused alternatives will be suggested.
  2. Many replacements are based off this Wikipedia article (List of Google products)
  3. Products from companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. will not be recommended unless there is a very good reason to. This includes companies/apps/services they own.
  4. Controversial services will have a disclaimer attached if needed.
  5. 5-eyes, 9-eyes, and 14-eyes services will be listed, and marked as such. This means the company, not the server IP.

Web-based products

Operating systems

Desktop applications

Mobile applications (mobile apps installable from stores)

When searching for replacements, check the alternative stores (such as F-Droid) before checking the Play Store.

Android launchers:


Useful links, tools, and advice

Everything you need to become Privacy Wizard.

The lighter side

Closing remarks

It’s a shame that Google, with their immense resources, power, and influence, don’t see the benefits of helping people secure themselves online. Instead, they force people like us to scour the web for alternatives and convince our friends and family to do the same, while they sell off our data to the highest bidder.

Hopefully this guide can serve as a starting point for those new to privacy, or be a good refresher for the experts.

Good luck and stay safe!